Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The things you do: #3

Here we are, little man, you're going to be eleven months old tomorrow. I can't believe it.
  • You crawl like a pro now; none of this commando crawl business anymore. You're speedy, like, really speedy.
  • I love the sound you make when you crawl; the patter of your hands on the floor and your grunts.
  • You follow me around the house and I have to bring you everywhere with my to make sure you're not getting into mischief; no more quickly nipping to the loo for me- you've seen it all!
  • You like to babble; 'mamama' 'dadada' 'rarara'; you use that last one to get peoples' attention...
  • You loooove peoples' attention; and also the attention of the cats and animals at the zoo. We went to a wildlife park and there were lemurs curled up agajnst the glass and you were banging it to make them turn around. It didn't work.
  • You love spinning the ball on daddy's old Fisher Price activity centre- you crawl up to it, frantically spin it a few times then discard it.
  • You're strong-willed, which I like because that is something I'm not. You know what you loke, what you want, and you'll clamber over me to get to it. You can't really do that when you're older though so that'll need refining!
  • You love your granny and grandma and will happily sleep on both of them. 
  • You whine when people leave the room.
  • You seem to know when someone's leaving rather than playing peekaboo around a corner.
  • You still love peekaboo. You crane your neck to see if I'll come boo-ing.
  • You can be very smiley sometimes but also very frowny!
  • You cruise the furniture now and you can pull yourself up using flat surfaces; i.e. walls and the sliding door.
  • You love opening and closing doors, cupboards and drawers... And we still haven't childproofed.
  • You can climb up stairs and when you get to the too you look so proud of yourself. We're trying to teach you to bum-shuffle back down them.
  • You like music; you now shake to it with your arms in the air.
  • You still drink four bottles of milk a day but you're getting better at eating food too.
  • You sometimes hold food up in the air as if you're examining it, and then drop it over the side of your high chair as if it has disgraced you.
  • You loved paddling on holiday; it was the sweetest thing to watch.
  • You learnt how to make a clicking sound with your tongue - when you're crying I now 'click' at you and sometimes you'd calm down enough to click back to me.
  • You still enjoy being worn but I don't think you've got much longer left in the Solly wrap... I better bribe someone to take photos for a review soon!!
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  1. Ah such a lovely list! I love remembering all the little things, that someday will be forgotten and replaced with new memories. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

    1. Yes, so true! Must try to document them as they go because they move on so quickly! Thank you for hosting and I'm sorry I've not got round to commenting on other blogs yet - Joseph has been on nap strike this week! xx

  2. This was such a nice read, I hope one day you and he can sit down and read through it together!

    1. Thanks Lauren - I would love to be able to do that with him one day! Thank you for reading! xx

  3. I love these posts! They'll be so nice to read through with our little ones when they're older! Xx


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