Monday, 6 April 2015

Pic of the week: #33

Hello and Happy Easter! I hope you've had a good day and eaten lots of chocolate!

This time last Easter Sunday, I had a one-day-old baby in my arms who wanted nothing but to be snuggled and fed. It was a very happy and love-filled day but I can't seem to find any photos to share of us snuggling that aren't unattractive pyjama clad hospital-bed breastfeeding selfies with a great big lump on my lip though! Easter will always bear more significance to me now because Joseph was born on Easter Saturday, and all day yesterday I couldn't help but think 'this time last year (the occasion, not the date) I was being induced'; and at quarter past 11pm I thought 'Joseph would have been born by now'. Two Easters before he's even one year old... Yet no chocolate eggs! Poor thing. I tried to give him an egg and Laughing Cow sandwich today, but he was having none of it!

This week I have been feeling muuuuch, much better. I had a half hour of sadness on Monday morning but not again for the rest of the week, which is positive. In fact, I actually had a really nice week. I have been focussing a bit on Joseph's birthday celebrations. I wasn't going to do a birthday party but I have decided to do a small one with a few friends with babies and a couple of the lovely mums I've met through baby groups. On his actual birthday we are taking Joseph to the zoo, weather permitting, having a picnic and then going back to granny's for birthday cake afterwards; all with close family. It should be a very special day, and I will make sure I clear some memory on my phone to ensure I document the occasion!

Rather than doing a day-by-day account of the week, I will just share the highlights... which were:

Joseph saying his first clear word aside from mama and dada! He now says 'cat' to his cat toy (ok, it's really a lion but I'll allow it) and our actual cats... but he now also says it to our rabbit, the dogs and any other moving, furry creatures. He seems to really be taking note of how my mouth moves when I say things now and given how well he picked up on 'clicking' with his tongue, I think he might add some new words to his vocabulary soon-ish. Maybe. 

Trying out a different cafe/patisserie in Canterbury for lunch with Ruari. I had a delicious halloumi sandwich and mocha, and somehow managed to not have dessert. That reminds me, I really must try out Canterbury's chocolate cafe one of these days. I can't believe I haven't yet. Perhaps on the day before I go back to work I will go there with Joseph as an end-of-maternity-leave treat. That thought still breaks my heart. I need to get out of the mentality of  'I will never get to see Joseph', but I guess until it happens it is just hard to imagine exactly how much time we'll really get to spend together and whether it will actually feel like I don't get to see him.

Hanging out in Fiona's garden in the sun for an hour or two one afternoon whilst trying to induce a nap. Hooray for sun, the clocks springing forward, bright evenings, blooms and blue skies.

A good Water Babies lesson; no tears and lots of giggles. He tends to not like the double dunk; so when I start saying 'Joseph, ready, go!' for the second time in a short space of time he starts crying. But this week he did really well.

Joseph taking a nap in his cot. Seriously; so good. I felt relaxed for a minute after blitzing the house work and used the time to gather ideas for his birthday and our extension.

Making a last-minute Easter card for some of our family. I was going to get Joseph to do some 'art' but as soon as I started I knew it'd be hell, so I grabbed a bed sheet and a pair of bunny ears I had for a fancy dress costume and took some photos. Joseph didn't really enjoy the 'shoot' but it was cute. 

Feeling inspired rather than anxious re: said extension. We met with our builder today, he showed us his home, and we're now relieved that he doesn't need exact measurements for every last detail at this point and he's happy to shift and change things as we build - which works for us as I feel like we just won't know exactly what we want to do with the space (to an extent) until we see the space and know what we have to work with. I now want an island in my kitchen rather than just a breakfast bar. Hashtag just saying. 

Seeing how much Joseph loves his grandma and granny. I've always known it, but when I see how happy he is with them it really warms my heart and I'm so happy that he gets to see them so much.

So, my picture of the week is the bunny photo that made it onto the Easter card. He had literally just woken up so he looks a bit puffy-eyed, but he soon came alive and started causing havoc. Love him!

I hope you have a good week xx

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