Monday, 13 April 2015

Pic(s) of the week: #34

One of these days I will write more than two blog posts in a week. Promise. I have so many ideas but am the worst  at focussing my energy when I get time to myself. Thank you for bearing with me... I'm hoping when I'm back at work (in two weeks' time!!) I'll be able to do a large chunk of it on my lunch breaks.

Monday was 'one of those days' for both Joseph and I, but I called my brother over and  we tackled Joseph together. He finally gave in to sleep in the late afternoon just as we were about to take him to the local farm, so instead of actually going to the farm we ended up stopping at every DIY store in town to get kitchen brochures. We had bangers and mash for tea... Joseph loves veggie bangers. I'd put them right up on there on his list of favourite protein sources, after beans! He doesn't have them often at all though as they're quite salty.
pyjama party.
mismatched fugly pjs is how I roll. clinging onto his lion 'cat'.
wonky but precious.
On Tuesday, the sun was really shining and, being the Easter holidays, I didn't know if anything was on baby-group-wise. It was actually the first time in a long time that I've actually felt like going to a baby group, or felt like leaving the house before 11am, but rather than risk it I drove Joseph down to the seafront in Folkestone. We parked up on the Leas and walked into town after Joseph had woken from his car-journey-induced slumber and a little crawl on the grass. We wandered around town for a short while then stopped in to our friends' record store, where we ended up staying and talking for what must have been way over an hour before heading back towards the car. As I've really got the mentality of doing fun things with Joseph before my maternity leave ends, I decided to take a trip on the Leas Lift with him; a hydraulic lift built in 1885 which kinda looks (and feels) like a rickety old tram. It was a bit scary, but the journey down the steep hill only lasted a minute or two. We could've got the lift back up again (which would've been far easier to get back to my car), but I wanted to walk through the park.... and up the hill! We headed back and Joseph slept in the car again.
The Leas in Folkestone.
Hot Salvation Records
'round and round the garden...'
Sheffield tea by Birdhouse Tea Company..
waiting for my boss to wake up for his dinner.
On Wednesday morning, I took Joseph to our local park. He has a serious love for slides so he had a go (or ten-thousand) on the slide, had a little clamber on the apparatus then swung, indifferently, on the swing... He's not that into swings, in fact he always looks like he's about to vomit. We headed home and he napped in his pushchair whilst I prepared some of my Mummy Time post (that is the way forward for if I need to get on with things, apparently) then he had some lunch. In the afternoon we last-minutedly met up with two of my baby group friends (ok, my only baby group friends) and we went to the farm we attempted to visit on Monday and had a cup of tea and slice of cake. Again, the sun was shining and it was lovely and Joseph loved it as there were free-roaming cockerels, chickens that he could shout 'cat' to. Everything furry is a cat. 
unimpressed by the resting pig!
"gimme dem ears!"
Badger's Hill Farm
Later that night after finishing the Mummy Time post I drove to my dad's house in Eastbourne as I had a training day and conference to attend on Thursday and Friday for work.
Kelvin Newman chatting with last year's Apprentice winner, Mark Wright, who somewhat controversially in the community started a search agency.
If I'm completely honest, I didn't have a hard time being away from Joseph. Although I missed him, and it was the longest we've been apart, I think knowing he was in capable hands and also the novelty of being in Brighton, learning about things I'm interested in, made it bearable. I had a goal of talking to two people on both days, and I did it! One was a copywriter in a small company, one an agency PPCer, one I didn't talk to for long enough to find out as our class started up again but I talked fairly confidently about what I did (he approached me). On the Friday I spoke to two people who looked after PPC and SEO for Apple in EMEA and another agency PPCer. By the way, PPC means 'pay per click' and PPCers are those responsible for getting brands/ products (or whatever you're working for) in those sponsored section of Google searches. SEO is Search Engine Optimisation, which is all to do with the incredibly complex process of getting brands (etc) to show up in the non-paid-for section in Google searches. I know a lot of bloggers are familiar with SEO concepts, so sorry if you're one of them and I'm being really basic here. Oh and 'EMEA' stands for Europe, Middle East and Africa. So it's fairly geeky I guess but I find it all really interesting. The set up was kind of festival-like where there were three talks going on at any one time so you'd have to choose which talk to listen to. I heard from some great speakers but unfortunately couldn't get into some of the talks I wanted to as they were full to capacity and you can't even linger outside just to overhear the talks. Thank God for Slideshare... Not that I've had time to catch up.
I met up with a friend and made him take a photo of me with this. three times. this is from the first time. "but it says 'egetarian!'"
So, sorry I've rambled, but that's a bit of insight into what I do for a living; I'm an in-house digital marketer for an insurance company so I do a bit of everything - PPC, SEO, social media, content and project work involving developers and designers. And whatever else comes my way. There's only two of us in the whole marketing department so we've both got to be hands on and sometimes it feels like there aren't enough hours in the day, or time to think strategically, but I like the variety.
Yesterday, reunited with my family, Ruari and I looked at kitchens - we're getting Magnet to design a kitchen for us to get some ideas on what to do with the space we're going to have. We're extending our house upwards (it's a bungalow at the mo) and knocking some walls down to create a completely open plan kitchen, living area and dining area later this year.
loves doors.
loves drawers.
loves mirrors!
Today, we (ok, I) decided at the last minute to drive to Surrey to visit my brother and sister-in-law. Joseph was an angel and slept in the car to and from there, and was kind of a handful in between, doing three poos, climbing, clambering, crawling and crunching [food... really wanted to carry on the alliteration!] I let him explore their spare room whilst taking photos of him in his nappy. We're still getting used to reusables but today we didn't have any leakages, so we're getting there slowly.

So, that was my week, and this time next week Joseph will be one year old. I know I always say it, but I just really can't believe it!

I hope you had a good week and have a good week coming. Thank you for reading, and thank you to anyone who nominated me for a BiB award. It really means a lot.

Nicki xxx

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