Monday, 27 April 2015

The things you do: #4

  • Everything is a cat. The pet rabbit is a cat, and so is every animal we saw at the zoo for your birthday. This morning we heard you calling all of the toys in your cot 'cat'.
  • You have so many facial expressions and the cheekiest smiles. 
  • You love 'round and round the garden' - your tummy is so ticklish. As are your tootsies.
  • When I'm lucky, I'll ask for a kiss and you'll lean in with confused looking eyes and kiss me with your mouth open. Most of the rest of the time you just bat me out of the way or knock my glasses off my face.  
  • You've just started puckering your lips up but are yet to stay puckered for a kiss.
  • You vigorously gesture with your hands whilst 'talking' - how I wish I knew what you were trying to say - it seems very important.
  • Cheerios are your favourite breakfast food. (The reduced sugar kind.) You sometimes squash them under your finger before eating them. In fact you like to do that to lots of foods.
  • You also love eating chopped grapes, raisins, blueberries, peas, sweetcorn, mixed veg from frozen packets - anything tiny and fiddly.
  • You've finally started clapping. And now pointing. I don't think you're pointing at anything in particular.
  • You sleep with your bum in the air.
  • We call you 'beaky' because of the beak shape you make with your mouth when food is coming towards it.
  • I really, really, love seeing you drink from your sippy cup.
  • You're still cruising and I'm not really sure how to encourage walking.
  • Your hair is long enough in places for me to twizzle it in my fingers. 
  • You love kiss chase. Ok, you love to be chased by either me or daddy, on our hands and knees. We kiss you when we catch you, whether you like it or not!
  • You love the slide at the park. You tentatively edge yourself closer bit by bit before laughing as you slide.
  • You're indifferent to the swings. 
  • You're always trying to eat the cat food. 
  • You hate being dressed or having your nappy changed. And you now hate tooth brushing.
  • You're mesmerised by bubbles - the joy on your face when I get the bubble wand out is so sweet.
  • You're confused by the hoover. You run (crawl) away, but then come back... then run away, then come back.
  • You love people watching. 
  • You hate it when I use my phone in your company. 
  • You love keys. You hear a set jangling and you immediately try to find them.
  • You hate it when I leave the room. Or when anyone leaves the room.
  • You love coming to me for a quick cuddle then going off about your business again.
  • You know the sound of the cat flap and the front door. You peer around the corner to greet whoever has come in with a big smile.
  • You are one year old.

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  1. My one year old also has one word for everything, its dad! I am dad, the stuffies are dad, the books are dad... Also my phone is a no go in her presence. Love this list ;)

  2. Cute post Nicki. I remember when my daughter with 2yo, with a super cute and serious face, looked at me and says: "Dido", I still don't know what it meant. LOL. Oh well...

  3. This is such a sweet post. I love that you call him Beaky!! Oliver hates when I use my phone too and shouts Nanny Nanny every time I'm making a phone call!
    #TheList xx

  4. Lovely idea - my daughter is the same age. When I'm on the laptop she leans around the side and presses all the buttons :)

  5. Ah love this, so many cute things. That bum in the air picture is super cute! Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x


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