Friday, 8 May 2015

A British Cinco de Mayo wedding

I shared a wedding photo on Instagram the other day in honour of mine and Ruari's third wedding anniversary and a few people asked to see more photos, but it's made me want to explain a few bits about the day too. 

We got married on the 5th of May ('Cinco de Mayo') and our theme was very slightly Mexican, and pastel green and pink. My dress was called the Madrid by Amanda Wyatt and was totally not something I ever thought I'd like or choose, but when I tried it on, I knew it was the one. Cliché, I know. The dress now resides in a box at the bottom of my wardrobe and I'm too afraid to get it out for fear it's covered in mould. In all honesty, and I hate to sound whiney, but I preferred the sample to my actual dress for the placement of the detailing, the colour and the fit just seemed better, despite mine being the same. My bouquet contained roses, ranunculus, succulents and a couple of other bits that I can't remember the name of, and the centrepieces were succulents and cacti in terrariums with some beans thrown in for good measure. 

We had a Catholic church wedding, as we were both brought up Catholic and our mothers are both devout, however Ruari and I would probably describe ourselves as more spiritual rather than religious and have decided not to baptise Joseph and to let him decide for himself if he wants to be part of any organised faith. Our reception was held in a marquee in Ruari's parents' garden and guests had a choice of vegetarian chilli or seafood paella followed by strawberries and cream. We forgot to cut our cake or dish out the cupcakes, but, hey, organisation has never been a strength of ours (which bodes well for our imminent home extension... not!)

The photos contain a couple of guests that have featured on my blog in the past, Emma and Sammi, as we've all since become mothers - within just a few months of each other - or weeks in mine and Sammi's case. Coincidentally my hair was done by the sister of Laura Humphrey (@hellomrsh). Small Insta-world, eh?

My favourite photos are the ones of Ruari and I back at our house where we stopped to get some photos with the fields behind us and with our cats. I'd have liked it if we were holding the other's cat but can you imagine the cat hair on our clothes?!

In hindsight I wish I'd known to give the photographer a list of specific shots I wanted - but I didn't know or think to do that at the time - so my advice to anyone getting married would be to really think about the shots you want and to think about backgrounds and backdrops for photos, as a lot of ours are against an imperfect wall that no amount of photoshopping can make look good. Oh and try to spare a moment to touch up your hair and make up at some point - I didn't get time to touch mine up once and I look greasy, tired and my bun is falling out in a lot of photos too!

Anywho, I'm sorry that these photos aren't the prettiest as they're not at all edited - Lord knows where the edited versions are, or if they even exist on my computer - but I hope you kinda like the insight into my (perfectly imperfect) wedding day!


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