Monday, 25 May 2015

I heart Selfish Mother is a blogzine featuring articles submitted by sassy mamas from all around; radio personalities, bloggers, vloggers, midwives, authors, entrepreneurs, professionals and stay at home mothers; all are welcome to join the writers' network and start posting. Heck, I am considering joining myself.

Aside from editing Selfish Mother, its founder, Molly Gunn, is doing something pretty awesome if you ask me (which, by the way, isn't at all selfish); She has developed a line of t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies representing solidarity for all mother hens which simply read 'MOTHER'. They are not only really cool, but totally guilt-free as the profits go to Women for Women International, a charity whose work aims enable women in war-torn countries to rebuild their lives by providing education focussed on following outcomes (taken from the Women for Women website):

Earn and save money – Women learn basic business skills and a vocational skill with earning power in their local markets. They begin to save and receive support to establish cooperatives after graduation.

Develop health and well-being – Women learn how to manage their health, including reproductive health and stress management. They also learn about the importance of good hygiene and nutrition for their families. They are connected with local healthcare providers.

Influence decisions in their homes and communities – Women learn their fundamental rights and those recognised in their countries, and are encouraged to educate other women. They learn the importance of civic participation, voting, and negotiation.

Connect to networks for support and advocacy – Women build support networks. They share ideas and resources, invest in business together, and help each other find solutions to common challenges.

As of May 2015, 'MOTHER' (and now 'SISTA') paraphernalia has raised £10,000 for Women for Women, and Molly's latest line of Tees and sweats, reading 'BOY' 'GIRL' and 'KIN' now also raise money for Kids Company, a charity supporting vulnerable children, young people and families in the UK.

So, last week, after months of indecision over what to buy; a t-shirt or a sweater and in which colour, I finally took the plunge and made a purchase...

I love hoodies, and anyone who sees me out and about IRL will know I LIVE in my grey zip-up, but my old faithful has been slowly dying a death over the last year or so with a seemingly un-washable oil patch recently staining it forever. I'd been on the hunt for a replacement for months - American Apparel and Topshop both failed me - and I was giving up hope. But when I then saw that Selfish Mother had brought out their #MotherHoody in grey with charcoal writing, it was a total no-brainer for me; I hastily ordered and was presently surprised [read: ecstatic] when it arrived just two days later.

I am a 5 foot 2 inch tall, flat-chested, size eight on top so I bought a size small and it fits perfectly. It didn't leave my body after it arrived for almost 72 hours (a bit gross, I know, but Joseph was ill) and it washed well too. It was £45 plus £4 postage, which is more than I'd normally pay for a hoody, but it was worth every penny. It's super soft and cosy, has slightly distressed front pocket detailing, is made from 85% organic cotton and was manufactured in factory in Bangladesh that has been certified by the Fair Weather Foundation, meaning no unfair labour.
So, FYI, this will be my staple hoody for the foreseeable future, [read: I'll be wearing it in all of my IG photos from now on] and I'm pretty certain I'll be purchasing any other colourways that Molly decides to bring out.... I'm not-so-secretly hoping for black on black. I feel like a proud mama when I wear mine (but I also have Ruari doing Glenn Danzig impressions in my earhole).

Have you bought anything from Selfish Mother? Have you ever stopped and spoken to a mum wearing a 'Mother' tee on your travels? I spotted one out and about at a baby rave I took Joseph to a while back. I was too shy to strike up a conversation, but inside I was like 'yeahhh, #MotherTee!' Next time I will be more brave!

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Thank you for reading; All words and views are my own. This post is not sponsored or endorsed by Selfish Mother in any way... I'm just sharing the love!

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