Sunday, 10 May 2015

Pic of the week: #38

Happy Sunday night! How has your week been?

This week started off for us with a chilled out Bank Holiday Monday morning. Ruari went to work for half of the day whilst Joseph and I snuggled on the sofa. Ok, there was minimal snuggling really. Have you tried snuggling a one year old? They put up with it for approximately 10 seconds before slapping you round the face. That's my experience, anyway. When Ruari got home we packed our bags ready to go to the Rare Breeds Centre near Ashford with our friends and their two kids. We started off by having lunch there - Joseph had a lunch we'd brought from home and he was happily eating it until my jacket potato with cheese and beans arrived and all he wanted were my beans. He wouldn't stop screeching unless he had a bean in his mouth, the wee toad. So lunch was a little stressful but once we got in the fresh air and were looking around, I totally fell in love with the place and bean-gate was forgotten. It was just incredible there with the tamest animals - bunnies, guinea pigs, sheep, goats and baby ducks - you have ever met that were happy to be stroked, but one of the bunnies was a bit nippy it seemed. I'd have taken more photos but there were loads of other kids there and I feel weird about posting up photos with other peoples' kids in them in the background in case their parents ever came across my blog (somehow!) and strongly objected to my photos. Is that me over-thinking things? I don't know. There were also the biggest chickens you've ever seen, loads of pigs, birds of prey and a butterfly house- but there weren't many actual butterflies to be seen. There were also multiple outdoor play areas and an indoor soft play area, but we didn't explore the latter. I may have had a go on the zip wire. Joseph loved the big wooden adventure house and the various slides and cried when it was time to go. He’s getting more tantrum-y by the day. That evening we left the boy with his granny and went to Wagamama for dinner with Ruari’s brother, his wife and their friend who was visiting from Japan and ate a cake they had kindly bought us for our third wedding anniversary from Patisserie Valerie.

On Tuesday I was back in the office and as it was granny’s turn to babysit we left the spud with her overnight, for two nights in fact as we went out that evening too. Two of our friends’ bands were playing in Canterbury and it was our actual anniversary so it was cool to be out, hang out and it was also great to bump into some of our other friends there too.

I picked Joseph up on Wednesday after my appointment in the morning and after a spot of lunch at granny’s, we viewed another nursery as I am going to be changing jobs in five weeks’ time and currently he goes to a nursery right next door to my place of work. I feel awful moving him so soon after he’s started, and I am dreading the change in routine already, but he only goes in once a week so hopefully it won’t be too much of an upheaval for him. The nursery we visited didn’t fill me with the same confidence that his current one does so we’re visiting another this coming Wednesday. If I’m not happy there then I don’t know what we’ll do. I really wish there was space for him at the crèche of the work place I am going to. That would be such a time saver and relief but, alas, the waiting list is as long as the waiting list for the on-site car park there; approximately three years.
Joseph's FACE!!

On Thursday Joseph spent the day with Ruari whilst I worked and he got to hang out with his girlfriend, Matilda. I picked Joseph up in the evening and brought him home after giving him his tea at Emma's house (she's expecting #2 in August, btw!). He came with me to vote and was just as surprised as me the next day when we found out that David Cameron was in for a second term, this time without Clegg.

Joseph went to nursery on Friday as my mum was too poorly to have him. She’s not been 100% since she got home from her trip to visit her mum in the US last month and she had to spend a few nights in hospital on antibiotics to rid an infection she’d developed. Joseph’s key worker said that he’d done really well and he was enjoying saying ‘cat’ to her loudly and softly but would get upset when she left the room so he had to go with her everywhere. He also enjoyed dancing to the music on the radio and munched lots of pasta salad. Yep. Sounds  like my Joseph!
Why sweatshirt, c/o Jax & Hedley.
Again, his FACE!

On Saturday it was just me and Joseph hanging out, as we do. We paid a visit to granny in the afternoon and Joseph showed off the jumper he’d been kindly given from Louise at Jax & Hedley. It’s a little big for him as he’s quite petite but it’s super soft and feels like really nice quality. I don’t know how on earth brand reps on Instagram manage to get such good photos of their kids; I found it impossible to get a decent one of Joseph in the jumper, not helped by my non-existent photography skills!

Today Joseph and I kept out of Ruari’s hair, despite him having a day off, because he’s working on some woodcuts that he’s displaying at an exhibition this summer. It’s the first time he’s ever exhibited his work since leaving university many moons ago and he’s found it hard to focus and dedicate the time to them. We firstly went to the supermarket where it was the turn of the Honey Monster on the packet of Sugar Puffs to be called a cat. Joseph had fallen asleep in the car on the way there so I used the time to draft a blog post on my phone that I’ve been meaning to write about amber teething accessories for months. It would’ve made more sense if I used the time to write this blog post, or the one about Chapter One teething jewellery and a mini giveaway I plan to hold tomorrow in the spirit of paying it forward, or a belated one about our experience with reusable nappies, Goa, surviving a plane trip with a ten month old, or details about his birthday, but, alas, there is no method to my madness and those are all blog posts that are just bubbling away in my brain, waiting for the day I’m ready to write about them. This afternoon we met a friend in Canterbury for coffee and a catch up. Joseph was pretty ratty the whole time and hated going around the three shops we attempted to visit so in the end we let him crawl around in the park for half an hour before I walked us back to the car with him riding his pushchair like a Segway because he refused to sit down. I was definitely being judged for my parenting and was on the brink of a heart attack for 100% of that five minute walk. 
Stay Curious T-shirt, c/o Jax & Hedley
This week was a pretty good week. I didn’t cry nearly as much as I have done in recent weeks so that has got to be a good thing. I am having to do a presentation at work on Tuesday in a bit of a baptism of fire, so tomorrow is going to be spent making sure I have everything prepared.  Joseph will be at nursery and I just hope he has a good day.

I hope you’ve all had a good week – would love to hear how it was for you.



  1. I don't think you were the only one surprised by the election results... ;) Love the duck photos! Popped over from TWTW!

    1. Hello! I'm glad you stopped by (even if my belated comment indicated otherwise). Thank you for reading xx

  2. I love his outfits- he is such a cool little dude. Sounds like a great week and I can't believe it's a three year waiting list for the creche at your work- that's absolutely crazy! x

    1. Thank you, Katie. Yeah the creche is crazy!! Really stressing me out! Sending love x

  3. That top and jumper are adorable!! Looks like you all had a fab week x

    1. Thank you Natalie! Jax & Hedley feels like such good quality too - can definitely recommend. Thank you for stopping by - hope you had a good week xx


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