Sunday, 31 May 2015

Pics of the week: 40

Our week went so, so quickly! Monday was a bit of a non-starter really; the morning seemed to  disappear and suddenly it was lunch time. Ruari was working but Joseph and I went to Wingham Wildlife park (after I'd bought him the most stylish sleeping bag ever, which I'm tempted to customise into a dress for myself when he's done with it), but Joseph fell asleep in the car and the park closed whilst he was still asleep. So basically we both just napped in the car park. I never nap, but the tiredness took hold after I'd read a chapter of my new CBT book.  It was then time for tea and I'm pretty sure that Ruari and I finally watched the very last Mad Men that night, but I can't actually remember.

I worked on Tuesday then did the grocery shopping. Riveting.
Wednesday was super busy; my mum and brother looked after Joseph whilst I had CBT in the morning, which was the most tiring session yet and the first time I've come out feeling worse than when I went in. All I wanted to do was curl up and sleep, but instead mum and I had coffee before heading to my house; she sat in the car with a sleeping Joseph whilst I did some housework then we took Joseph for his one-year jabs; He did so well and didn't need Calpol afterwards. We nipped home for lunch before heading to Folkestone to hand in the paperwork for my new job and to visit Nat at Hot Salvation in the town centre where I collected a couple of Naked Lunge toys I'd bought for Joseph in their sale. I bought mum a McDonalds on our way home as she'd not eaten anything all day, and in fact I felt really bad for dragging her around with me; she said she enjoyed her day but I was exhausted by the end of it - especially after bathtime and dinner, so she must have been too.

My working day on Thursday was made a million times more pleasant as I'd been kindly sent a few samples from the 'Scent to Instantly De-Stress' range from Neom Organics to try; a de-stressing mist which you spritz above your head, a roll-on which you roll onto your pulse points (wrists, temples and behind the ears), and a shower gel. I forgot to use the shower gel in the morning, but I used the roll-on and spray throughout the day and felt so refreshed. Both contain lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood essential oils and reminded me of the essential oils mix that my mum made for me to help me concentrate for my GCSEs. To say I've had difficulty concentrating recently is an understatement; and I wasn't magically cured by the scents, but they did help to calm my racing mind slightly and made me focus for a minute or two on the smells and nostalgia of the examination hall, if nothing else. In fact, I suppose they just distracted me even more from the task at hand, but it was a welcome distraction. Neom have just launched an online wellbeing magazine which I am going to make sure I peep at from time to time as they're into mindfulness too. Has this been a buzzword for a long time, by the way, am I only just noticing that it's everyyywhere and seems to relate to everyyyything?
On Friday I was given a quarter of a giant watermelon by a friend at work because he noticed I liked watermelon paraphernalia; make up bag, necklace and pen were my watermelon items du jour. Joseph really enjoyed eating it after his tea and I took circa 9,000 photos on Ruari's phone of Joseph looking so puzzled! It was so sweet!
On Saturday, after a 5.30am start, Joseph and I walked the three miles into Canterbury to meet with my friends Emma and Sophie; we had lunch in the park and chatted for hours, watching the babies play and enjoying the sunny, but not-too-hot, weather. Joseph learnt a new word from Sophie; 'bubble' - he repeated it after her whilst she was blowing bubbles, and now every time he sees a bubble wand around the house (we have quite a few), he starts saying it and pointing. It was so lovely to see Joseph and Matilda actually playing with eachother (they chased eachother around Joseph's push chair in the park!) I can't wait for Joseph to start walking; he's still just happy to cruise and crawl, but I think walking would be so much more fun for him (and for me to watch.)
Today Ruari looked after Joseph whilst I got on with decluttering and housework in between making meals; I feel like I didn't stop, yet also feel like I got nothing done (and it was another early start). Joseph has started saying 'one, two, three' just as he launches himself off the sofa, but 'one' is by far the clearest word, and he often 'goes' on the count of two rather than three. Or sometimes he goes after one. It means that whoever's on sofa duty has to be ready to catch kamikaze Joseph! It really baffles me that of all the words we've tried to teach him, he's picked up on 'bubble'; in fact I've never tried to teach him that at all, but we have upped our bubble game lately.
I am now in bed and I've rolled on my Neom, er, roll-on; Ruari asked me to put some on him too as he also likes the smell. It's so sweet, it's actually making me a little bit hungry!

I hope you've had a good week; this week is my last at my current job. I have a week off for appointments/ settling in sessions at Joseph's new nursery and then I start my new position! Eeek! x

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