Thursday, 14 May 2015

Text: NEPAL to 70123

Good morning! I'm sorry that Mummy Time will be a day late this week as I've been a bit unwell, but I will be sharing the incredibly sweet @jessicathursday's story tomorrow.

In the meantime I hope you don't mind me bringing this to your attention: Instamum, @aliceandherloves has set up a number for us to donate £5 directly to UNICEF's appeal to provide aid to children whose lives have been devastated by the earthquakes in Nepal. 

You can show your support by: 

- Donating £5 by texting 'NEPAL' to 70123.

- Sharing a picture of your sleeping babe and the text details with the hashtag #mums4mumsNEPAL.

- Tagging as many other mums as possible to do the same. 

The situation out there is absolutely unimaginable so, if you can afford to and haven't donated already, please text and/or help to spread the word.

I am also very proud of Carrie (@fantasydragon) who featured on my blog a few weeks ago who hosted an Instagram auction which raised $1,525 for Circle of Health International who are supporting pregnant women, new mothers and babies in Nepal. 

The mums of Instagram really are amazing and I am proud to feature them on my blog each week. 

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