Sunday, 28 June 2015

Happy Birthday, Blog! (And why I've been quiet).

I am back, after what feels like the longest time away from my blog ever... Probably because it has actually been the longest time I've spent away from this blog ever.

Yesterday was my blog's birthday and, unlike my disorganised self, over a month ago I started thinking about celebrating it (and thanking you all for reading and following) in the shape of some sort of Instagram giveaway... But I am also the sort of person who worries about things like 'are there too many giveaways going on, who would want to work with me, does anyone even care'. Plus the fact I have a ton going on outside of the blog, hence my going quiet and why no such giveaway has materialised. So here's a picture of Joseph's first birthday cake, which I will re-use for my blog seeing as it can't blow out candles, or eat.
Right now my current situation is this; in bed with a fever surrounded by Ibuprofen, Paracetamol, Penicillin and tissues.... and my phone.... And my laptop. Joseph has been taken for a drive with his granny whilst Ruari is dismantling the contents of our living room. Yesterday, after days of feeling like shite, but not wanting to call in sick on the second week at my new job, I called 111 and saw an out of hours GP, and it turned out that I had Tonsillitis and not just the generic 'summer lurgy' I thought I had. So I am legit in bed and trying not to feel guilty and am instead just taking it easy on a strict drug-taking schedule that is doing all sorts of horrid things to my tummy. I'm feeling slightly better than I have been of late, but not quite pumped enough to start packing my bags to move in my with in-laws (more on that later). So whilst I am in this limbo period of being forced to slow down, I am catching up on my much-neglected blog. 

At the risk of this just sounding like a list of excuses to myself, it is also real life. And since I last wrote, these are some of the things that have gone on which also explains my absence a little bit:

  • My mum was hospitalised with sepsis (a blood infection) following her recent bout of pneumonia.
  • My brother had two chest infections (he lives with my mum).
  • Joseph has had a chest infection. And possibly an ear infection too. He's had so many infections that I've lost track and can't remember if the ear infection was before or after my hiatus.
  • Ruari had Norovirus. 
  • I had a week off work between leaving my old job and starting my new one - sort of luckily that was when everyone was ill so I was able to be around to help. 
  • Joseph had settling in sessions at his new nursery and has now had two days there - he just goes once a week and seems to have transitioned really well considering he's only one year old. Wee mite. 
  • The building work on our extension started three weeks ago and the builders have done a large amount of what they can outside before now moving indoors and knocking lots of walls down, meaning lots of dust and no living area or kitchen for a few months. So Joseph and I are moving in with Ruari's parents whilst Ruari stays here to project manage etc. 
  • I started my new job and it's going really well; I'm super excited about the possibilities and testing new things; keywords, messages, landing pages. I'm sort of in digital marketing heaven because there's a perfect mix of budget, business buy-in and enthusiasm, and IT resource (although that also means pressure!). The guy who will be working with me (and I'll be managing - eeeek!) is starting in a few weeks' time so I'm hoping we can share the load a little bit as there's a lot of eyes on the project and a lot to do but it's exciting for sure. 
  • I still get Wednesdays off. Yay. Although this Wednesday was spent feeling feverish... I am so glad I decided not to go to Water Babies - I think it could've finished me off. On a side-note, if you're thinking of having one day off a week from work, I totally recommend Wednesdays if your workplace will allow it. It's like having a mini mid-week weekend... Not so great for work continuity, but super-great for feeling like it's not been too long without seeing your beb for a whole day.  
  • I'm still having CBT on Wednesday mornings; I've had eight (or possibly nine) out of my twelve sessions, and I am almost halfway through a book called Mind Over Mood which I've found really interesting. I've actually had that book for about five years but have ironically never been in the right frame of mind to read it. I have a two-week break from CBT now but I'm quite glad for the break as it allows time to put some of the things I've learnt into practice whilst I 'go forth', as it were and we'll see how I get on during the break. 
  • Joseph and I visited Wingham Wildlife Park three weeks in a row thanks to our annual pass I bought back in March. It's been a great one for when I'm stuck for ideas on what to do (which is very often), and he often naps on the way there meaning I can read/ rest in the car beforehand. 
  • I bought some cool things in preparation for my new job / because I couldn't resist / I love feline and motherhood merchandise.
Pens and fruity stickers from Paperchase, notepad from Wilkos, cat sticker from Stay Home Club (included free with other purchases), watermelon paraphernalia models' own, (haha).
Limited edition 'LIVE IN THE MEOW' patch by Hallow Society x Bad Cats Club.
MereSoeur tote by MereSoeur aka @fantasy_dragon who I have mentioned a whole bunch on here before for her fundraising efforts for the Nepal Earthquake and bad-ass mama-ing.  
Speaking of which, these are the leggings I bought Joseph in aid of the #NepalQuakeAuction from EverSewBeautiful.

Cacti tee (part of a 3-pack from M&S) for Joseybear. (And the matching shorts.) There was 20% off!
And, hot off the press, I just bought myself this ridiculous watch from But it's so darn cool. 

With that, I am going to bed. It has taken me ten hours to write this post, mostly because I've been distracted by other things on the internet. But I did also try to hoover and fold laundry but just felt dizzy and faint so had to get back into bed. Hoping I am better for work tomorrow otherwise it'll be that awkward, 'I'm ill but well enough to be messing about on the internet' situation. However, I do have the 52 pack of Phenoxymetylpenicillin and red-raw throat and swollen tonsils to prove it.

Good night, and Happy Birthday, ON THE CHANGING MAT! I will do my best to be proud of you this year xxx

P.S. Apologies for my crimes against grammar and tense usage in this post.

P.P.S. On a much more serious note, I'd like to ask anyone who reads this to take a second to think about two bloggers who have sadly lost their lives over the past few days. Carly (@ceejayell_ on IG and Twitter) was killed in the horrific shootings in Tunisia. Another girl named Frances (@FCassandraBlog on Twitter) died yesterday but I'm not sure of the circumstance. I didn't know either girls but heard of their deaths through Instagram and it has really saddened me. My thoughts are with their families and friends at this difficult time. I simply cannot imagine the terror Carly must've experienced prior to her death; truly heartbreaking. May you both Rest In Peace. 

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  1. Sorry for all the ill health you and yours have been experiencing. I hope you're all on the mend. Hope to hear about how you get on with the book x


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