Monday, 6 July 2015

The things you do: #5

  • If I raise my arms up and ask for a hug, you will come over and snuggle into me - even if we're in the middle of playing a game of chase - and if I'm lucky (and you're stinky) you let me change your nappy without too much fuss. (The days you'd happily lay on your changing mat are so, so far gone!)
  • You're still cruising. It feels like you've been cruising for aaaaaages now; you've taken a single step but you're too content with zooming along on your hands and knees to be interested in learning anything new.
  • You have so many teeth; I think you only have about two spaces left - I actually think that you're disinterested in walking because your mouth hurts too much. I know when I have tooth ache I don't feel like doing much else! That's my theory anyway. Or maybe you're just a bit of a lazy boy. I was very slow to walk, whereas you papa was a fairly early walker; maybe you'll meet us in the middle... so, uhhh, any day now?
  • You irretrievably threw one half of your first pairs of shoes in a pond last week whilst you were watching the ducks with granny.
  • You start clapping your hands whenever you hear any rendition of 'if you're happy and you know it'
  • You chase the cats and dogs and try to snuggle up to them and say 'awww'.
  • You beg to be picked up, and the second we do, you start pointing in the direction you want us (your slaves) to take you in. 
  • You love slides and say 'onnnne' when you see them.
  • You're more co-operative when we put tops on you these days; us saying 'one arm' 'two arm' to you works well and you often push your arms through the sleeves.
  • You're good at climbing down the stairs (as well as up); and you're good at turning yourself around to slide off chairs, the bed or anything at a height.
  • You hold phones and remote controls up to your ear... and sometimes your corn on the cob.
  • You say 'bubble' whenever you see anything that remotely resembles a bubble wand.
  • You start sucking your thumb when we say 'milk'. 
  • You suck your left thumb the instant your right hand touches a label (clothing or toy label). You get frustrated if you can't get your thumb in your mouth at that very second.
  • All of your animals toys from the Noah's ark set Jan and Grandad got you are your special 'cats'; we're so lucky you're not too attached to a single toy, but somehow we still keep managing to misplace them / you keep hiding them! 
  • You carry your cats around in your mouth like a mummy-cat.
  • You like to post your cats through the cat flap at our house.
  • Granny says you understand the word 'biscuit' and you know where she keeps her stash!
  • You like to share your food with me; I don't really like it when you try to feed me your peas with your fishy fingers (on a tuna day) though.
  • You like having your amber necklace put on you; you stay still long enough for us to do up the clasp, although you get restless when we take too, too long.
  • You're the slowest eater ever. We think you're finished, then you pick up another dreg from your high chair tray. Oh and then you pick up what you've dropped on the floor before we have a chance to sweep it up. You're enjoying throwing food on Granny's dogs. Bella almost had enough spaghetti on her yesterday to fashion a dress from.
  • You know where Grandma's CD player is, and you dance to Westlife every time you go to visit her. (We need to by her a new CD!)
  • You still love Uptown Funk and you still love to dance. 
  • Phonecalls confuse you. So does the bluetooth phone in your daddy's car.
  • You're so full of love; you love hugging people, animals and teddies.
  • You're an absolute joy to be around... apart from when you're teething!

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