Sunday, 26 July 2015

You can walk!

This week was a big week; Joseph started walking!

He'd taken the odd step here 'n' there in the last couple of weeks but, on Thursday, after nursery, and after he'd had his tea and most of his milk... He started walking. Just like that. Taking tumbles but laughing his head off as he'd get up and try again. It was the cutest thing I'd ever seen and I don't know how I didn't cry. I've been so looking forward to seeing him walk and now he's gaining more and more confidence each day - walking further and becomint more and more sturdy on his feet. Stopping for aplit seconds to regain his balance. Today he even tried to chase a fly!

It's so funny to see him standing unaided, whilst being mesmerised by things (birds in the garden, flowers, the telly) for minutes at a time, when just last week it was an achievement that he'd stood for long enough for me to take a photo.  

We bought him some new Clarks today; he was overdue a new pair as he first got measured in April - and had been wearing sandals for the last few weeks as it'd been so hot - not to mention he'd itretrivably chucked one of his first pair of Clarks in a river. Anyway, once the shoes were on him, he was off, running around Mothercare, making friends with pretty girls and hugging giant bears.

I'm so happy he's walking; I'm so proud of him and I already love, love, LOVE holding his hand whilst we walk around the house and garden together, and having him walk by my side and occassionally clinging onto me. It has been a real milestone week, and not really like other milestones, it has made me super soppy but in a good way - not in a horrible anxious panic whicgu is how I felt around his birthday. Things are good. 

When did your little one take their first steps?


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