Sunday, 4 October 2015

It's been a long time...

There's a bit in the Mothers Meeting book about not banging on about how long it's been since you last posted when it's been a long time. So I'm trying not to mention it. And failing. But whenever I think about blogging, that song that starts with ...

"It's been a long time. We shouldn't have left you. Without a dope beat to step to. Step to, step to, step to. Step to, step to."

goes around in my head.

So, yeah, it has been a long time. And I'd contemplated writing about my hiatus whilst I was on it; but I couldn't bring myself to. So I took it to mean I wasn't ready. With regard to other 'dope beats' to step to, there are circa 5 zillion incredible [mama] blogs out there... I'd love to hear what you've been reading!

So that's all I'll say on the matter!

Whilst I've been away, loads of stuff has been going on. Here are a few of them that I can remember:

1. We're still living with Ruari's parents' and it'll be about another six weeks before we can move back home. Progress is being made and we're getting to the fun bit of planning the interior (on a tight budget).

2. I took a break from Instagram an' all. It was only a week, but it felt like aaaages; as though I was in Narnia or something. I realised I still took tons of photos and spent just as much time on my phone - but was missing the interaction, which I sometimes find hard to keep up with. But I've figured that keeping up with it as much as I can is all I can do. Plus it feels so much better to know what my pals are up to - whether I know them IRL or just through IG. Instagram is a part of most of my friends' lives, so to at least keep up with that when I don't get round to directly getting in touch is better than nowt, right? I've changed my name on there to @nickibatchelor; because it's more of a personal account documenting mine and Joseph's lives 90% of the time rather than a branded blog account; that's how I've seen it for a a little while now and it's given me a slight complex. Perhaps I'll lose followers for being a bit more 'me' rather than strictly baby - but my favourite accounts are a mix of everything so I guess it'll just appeal to whoever it appeals to... Or not.
3. I've been to the library. I love the library and wish I'd got into the habit of listening to audio-books sooner. I've always known that podcasts are available but Apple do my head in with their incessant updates and my minimal storage that the thought of subscribing to anything makes my blood pressure rise. Audio books that I can listen to in my car during my drive to work are much less stressful. The one I'm listening to right now is called 'Feel the fear and do it anyway' and it's bloody great. It's helped me write this post. I've been so anxious about writing that it's paralysed me into doing nothing - but not any longer. It's made me realise that everything is a choice and I should take a second to think about the real reasons behind why I think "I can't".
I'm also reading Thrive by Arianna Huffington, which feels like it's been written by the author of Feel the fear, so it feels like they complement each other really well. I'm also flicking through a book called 'Home for Now' by Joanna Thornhill which is about making your rented accomodation or first house beautiful... on a budget and without risking your deposit. I'm sure all the images exist on Pinterest somewhere, but I'm of the generation that isn't fully digital and they still like holding books. Or am I  generalising?!

4. I'm turning 30 at the end of the year and it's ok. For someone who thought I was 'too old' at the age of ten, then again at 17 and 21... I'm ok with it. I'm in a good job which pays well considering I'm not in London. I spend three whole days a week with Joseph and see him in the mornings when I do work and am home in time to give him dinner and bath him every night. Thanks to the support of our family, Ruari and I are than mid-way through a home renovation which will allow us to expand our family should we decide to, or just have friends and family stay over in a home I'll feel proud of and proud to maintain. I've been able to afford a shopping spree for myself (thanks to a tax rebate) and I have a talented and caring husband who loves me for reasons unbeknownst to me. I hope you won't think me smug for listing these things; but they are things I'm truly grateful for and know that they're not to be taken for granted. I have times when I feel dissatisfied with what I earn, where I am in my career and where I am with a few other areas in my life, but I just need to look at the above to realise to see how fortunate I am. So I guess that's more of a gratitude list in my lead up to turning 30.

5. Joseph and I have stayed the night at my dad's in Eastbourne and met with friends and thrown stones into the sea in Brighton. We've explored the gardens of Leeds Castle and fed the goats at Wingham Wildlife Park. We went on a holiday with friends to Devon which was beautiful and lots of fun. One of my best friends had her second baby a month ago; my brother in law announced that he and his wife are expecting their first baby in early April. And my cousin is expecting her first in early March. Oh and I've celebrated two of my friends' weddings.


6. Ruari exhibited his artwork for the first time since I've known him (which is eleven years). I was a very proud wife. And proud of Emma for curating the exhibition despite being heavily pregnant.
7. Joseph's vocabulary has increased and I've been keeping a list on my phone of the things he says; one for another post I think! He melts my heart every day with his big brown eyes and cheeky face; my heart also breaks a little when I pick him up and he's a fully tantruming toddler who knows what he wants (most of the time) rather than a wee helpless baby.

Right, I must sleep. It's good to be back. Tell me how you've been!

Nicki x

PS. After googling that lyric, I found out it was by Aaliah and the song is called "Try again"; which is what I'll do with this here blog.



  1. Hi lovely, good to see you back! :)

    I keep promising myself to try audiobooks but never seem to get around to it. I will make sure I give one ago this week! It's good that should be back in your house well in time for Christmas. Congrats on Hubby's art exhibition. :)

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    1. Hello! Thank you for reading. I'm still as rubbish at replying as ever. You definitely should get into audiobooks; I am quite old school though and like having tangible CDs and not having to worry about downloads, space on my phone and how to listen to them in my car! I hope my library has more I can borrow! Definitely hoping to be in by xmas and thank you for the congrats. Lots of love xxx


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