Wednesday, 15 February 2017

30 weeks pregnant

Each Wednesday marks the new 'week' of my pregnancy; today I turned 30 weeks pregnant. It's starting to feel a bit more real now; not that hasn't felt real, I suppose, but it suddenly feels closer to here-and-now reality rather than this thing that's going to happen in nine months time. I think a big factor in that was setting my maternity leave date with work. With my last employer I could roll over some of my holiday into the following year to take at the end of my leave, whereas with this one I have to take it all (plus bank holidays) before I go, meaning that I'm going to be off for six or so weeks before my due date. Six weeks!

I'm planning to do all of my nesting in that time because I've literally prepared nothing and bought nada for this baby so far. Well, that's a small lie... I have bought it him two different types of cloud-print blanket, a onesie and two cloud-print storage boxes. Joseph's room is full of cloud-print stuff and I eventually want them to share a room, so when I saw that Matalan had re-stocked some of their cloud paraphernalia I figured I'd snap it up for the future when they can have matching bed stuff.

But, really, I don't think there's much we'll need to buy for this baby, unless once we dig stuff out from the loft we realise it hasn't stored well, or aged well, or it's just falling apart. The only thing I do think we'll need is a cot; or a new bed for Joseph so that baby can have Joseph's cot bed. I'm tempted by the idea of a bedside crib (e.g. SnuzPod or Chicco Next2Me), which we didn't go for last time as they seemed quite rare (think only the NCT sold them, maybe, unless I didn't know what I was looking for, which is quite possible), whereas this time round they seem to be everywhere. But the thought of paying £200-ish for something that's meant to only last 'til six months seems a bit mad, so we will probably not go for it.

I am both looking forward to, and dreading that time off in between work and baby's arrival. (You'll probably find with me that I very rarely feel fully one way or another - I'm always conflicting. Never just excited; always excited and scared/ nervous etc, etc.) I'm anxious about spending loads of time with Joseph on my own because he is so demanding and I'll be knackered, but also it'll be such a special time for us - the last weeks when it's just us - and before I'm floored by the wall of exhaustion a newborn brings. It's weird to think that child will never know a time without a sibling, whereas Joseph might remember a time when it was just him. Whilst Joseph is incredibly hard work sometimes, and I literally feel as though I have lost it, really, having one child is manageable. Having two terrifies me. I'm already always late for everything and it takes me an age to leave the house. Imagine two. There's no way I could have more than two. I'd be a wreck. I have utmost respect for those that manage it.

Anyway. This post was spawned from a feeling of 'shit-I-only-have-10-weeks-left-I-better-document-everything-regularly-from-now-on', but I don't really know what to document and I've ended up just brain-dumping a load of, er, dump. I also failed to take a decent bump photo today, even though Joseph and I were wearing co-ordinating outfits (we actually do that quite regularly.)

Baby is the size of a motorbike helmet, or a summer cantaloupe melon, apparently. The skin on my chest and back is still insanely spotty - I don't think I mentioned that in my pregnancy-so-far post - but it's like someone's replaced my skin there with that of a teenager's face. It's really quite fascinating and somewhat enjoyable to pick at, but I know I'm not doing myself any favours by aggravating it. I had the same issue with my last pregnancy, so I know it will clear up and is just a temporary inconvenience as I can't wear certain clothes. I've been getting slightly less frequent leg cramps at night (touch wood), but still quite disturbed and uncomfortable sleep.
I can't tell if the rib ache I've had for most of this pregnancy (which, again, I also had with Joseph) is a form of indigestion, muscular or bone-u-lar, but I find walking or laying down helps. I hate it when it plays up whilst I'm in a meeting or driving and I can't do anything about it. I really need to sort out my Gaviscon prescription. I'm such a mug for having been paying for it this whole time. It's not that I didn't know I could get it on prescription, it's just that I've not hauled my ass over to my doctors surgery or remembered to phone at a reasonable hour. If I only do one thing this week; it'll be getting that sorted!

Catch you soon!
Nicki x

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