Tuesday, 7 February 2017

My second pregnancy so far

As I've not written about my pregnancy, here's a catch up...

First trimester

I found out I was expecting when I was about 5 weeks in. I was a day late for my period, which I'd been tracking with an app for years, and suspected that given the timings of certain occurences ;-), there was a chance I could be pregnant. That day I needed to give my mum her medicine as my brother (also her carer) was away, so I stopped by at her local Sainsbury's to buy a pregnancy test before heading to work. I took the test in the loo at work and text Ruari with the news... well, I couldn't have phoned him as people would've heard! In hindsight, I could've handled that situation better. Ruari didn't even know I suspected I could be pregnant so I guess it must have been quite a shock.

We were both really happy as, whilst we hadn't been trying particularly hard, we weren't taking precautions either and we'd always known we wanted Joseph to have a sibling fairly close in age but not too close (I knew my nerves wouldn't be able to handle it).

It felt like I immediately started feeling nauseous, insanely tired, irritable and developed aversions to all sorts of foods. We had a trip booked to Croyde in Devon with our friends when I was around 8 weeks pregnant (I think) and I was pretty much the worst company ever... as was Joseph as he was ill and seemed to have meltdowns over every.little.thing. and insisted on sleeping in our bed way past his usual bed time.

I'd told a number of my friends - pretty much all of my friends, in fact - before my 12 week scan because I suck at keeping information to myself, plus I'd just been feeling so rotten that I wanted to be able to moan about it to them and for them to understand why.

It seemed like an age before I finally had the scan and saw our little bean wriggling around in there; and just like last time, I was a little bit convinced that I'd imagined the whole thing and that the scan would show a phantom pregnancy.

I was nervous about telling work and I felt guilty because I'd not been in my role for very long, but my manager was - and still is - really supportive. The wider team seemed really happy for me too and it was a relief to get it off my chest.

Second trimester

Thankfully the nausea and vomiting from the first trimester stopped; I was beginning to fear that I'd feel that awful throughout the whole pregnancy, whilst also having so, so, so much sympathy for those who do actually experience that. Because my symptoms had been a bit more extreme than with Joseph, it did make us wonder whether that was telling of the sex. But come our 20 week scan it was abundantly clear that we were having a boy. Part of me wanted to leave the gender as a surprise, but I caved! I felt movement with this one much earlier than I did with Joseph as my placenta is posterior rather than anterior.

I can't remember at which week I had a terrible migraine which made me puke and cry from the pain. Joseph saw me crying at one point when I'd been advised by 111 to go to the emergency GP at the hospital but every movement hurt like hell - he was quite affected for a couple of days afterwards saying 'mummy's poorly' 'mummy go to the doctor?' and asking if I was better and being extra cuddly and snuggly.

On one of the days between Christmas and New Year, I got checked out in hospital after another call to 111 as I'd noticed some bleeding which I didn't think much of, but when I googled it it said that if you notice bleeding and you're experiencing dizziness (which I had been for about a week) then to get it checked. I spent the evening in the ward I'd been in after having Joseph, undergoing various tests which all came out ok so I was free to go but advised to take it easy.

On the whole, my energy levels in my second trimester were much better than in my first, oh and all of my blood tests came back normal at 12 weeks, including the PAPP-A reading, meaning that I don't need to have all of the extra scans that I had with Joseph which is a huge relief.

Third trimester

I entered my 28th week and third trimester last Wednesday. According to the app I'm using, baby is the size of a coconut. I feel a lot of movement, especially after I've eaten or had something cold to drink and it seems like he's running out of room in there judging by how hard he hits the walls sometimes!

My body has been aching a lot more than I remember it aching when I was pregnant with Joseph, and I find myself feeling like a beached whale once I've laid down as it's so hard to get up, with back twinge-ing and general weight. I sleep with a cushion between my thighs when laying on my side as I find it sort of helps. Leg cramps in the night are really starting to irk me as I'm afraid to move or stretch my legs before yelping in pain unsure of whether to try to relax or fold into it. Nasty.

Not new to the third trimester, but I'm finding my bladder incredibly weak. I always felt slightly proud of how well I could hold a pee in before getting pregnant again, but now that ability has almost completely disappeared. I just find that I can go from 'I think I need to pee' to 'OMG I'm going to pee myself' to 'oh, damnit!!' in the space of about five seconds, leaving me no time to get to a loo.

Overall, I feel like this pregnancy is completely kicking my arse. I don't know whether it's my age, my lack of fitness (probably), the fact I already have a kid to run around after or what, but I feel like I'm really struggling sometimes and can't believe I have the best part of three months to go. My belly is already massive, I've put on two stone, and feel like I can actually feel myself being stretched sometimes. I am lucky to not have any stretch marks (yet), but am firm friends with my pal Gaviscon again!

If anyone reading this is in a similar point in their pregnancy, I'd love to hear how you're getting on with it all. Also if anyone else has found their second pregnancy harder than their first.

Nicki x

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