Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Things I need to buy for my second baby

Up until Friday night, all I'd bought for the new baby was two types of cloud blanket (because, clouds) and a novelty seasonal (but not of this season) onesie. My work friends all clubbed together to get loads of lotions and potions, but the one I'm most looking forward to trying is the Kokoso coconut oil as I've heard so much about it. A couple of other friends bought cute watermelon bits too because, well, watermelons. (And don't anybody tell me that watermelon print is for girls and skeleton print is for Halloween-time only!) I've since been on a small spending spree but still have a few more bits to buy.

I don't need a great deal for the second baby but, as I was making a list anyway, I thought I'd share on here too.

For baby:

  • A small present for Joseph. Is giving older siblings a gift from the new baby a thing? Ruari's mum said that Ruari brought his older brother a small gift upon arrival, and it seems like a sweet idea. So I'm thinking a cuddly dinosaur, perhaps like this Jellycat one.
  • A changing mat. Is it me or are nice (yet cheap) ones quite hard to find. I refuse to pay more than a tenner. It's probably going to be a dull one from Mothercare.
  • Wet wipes. I'm trying Water Wipes this time and the best price per wipe I found was on Asda (but they were sold out) but then I found an equally good offer on Amazon. I paid £16 for nine packs (540 wipes @ 0.29p). Weirdly, the larger pack wasn't quite as good value at 0.33p per wipe. You get a discount if you subscribe to regular purchases too, but I'm not sure how often I'll need them yet so I might do that next time.
    I didn't religiously use Water Wipes for Joseph as they're so much more expensive, but I think I will for baby number 2 whilst it's tiny as I just really don't like the thought of using harsh chemicals on babbit.
  • Nappies. I just bought 2 big boxes of  96 size 1 Pampers from Tesco for £18. Joseph's bum seemed to get rashy with anything but Pampers, so I'm just going with what I know again. Part of me hates the thought of all of that nappy waste going to landfill, but I know at least for the beginning I am not going to want to faff around with reusables. Bambino Mio were kind enough to send me a starter kit when Joseph was around nine months old, but I was in the midst of PND, and it was just too much for my brain to handle, let alone blog about, so after a few stressful, leaky and rashy attempts I gave them to a friend who has put them to brilliant use with her baby.
  • Bottles. Whilst I am going to give breastfeeding a darn good go, after last time, I'm not against bottle feeding. I found Tommee Tippee 'Closer to Nature' bottles worked well with Joseph so I'm going to go with those again. I'm tempted to go for this pack of novelty blue bee designed ones from Argos for a tiny bit of fun... and they're half price at £16 for six 260ml. Or I could just get plain bottles and save myself a fiver. How much do I want those cute bees? Hmm.
    To bee or not to bee?
  • A Sleepyhead baby nest. I'm still not sure whether to buy one or not. The plan is for the baby to sleep in Joseph's cot bed, after an initial period with me, if he's anything like Joseph was, but the nest would allow him to be a little more cosy rather than being in that big ol' bed from the off. Joseph actually slept in his pushchair's carry cot for the first few months, but I have a feeling it's going to be a bit old and yuck now so I want something fresh... but probably not a moses basket as I know they don't last for long... but neither do Sleepyheads. Ohhh, I don't knowww!!
  • A bath thermometer. Our last Phillips one died the death - not sure why - but was good whilst it lasted so I plan to re-buy.
  • A bouncy chair. I didn't really like our old one, plus I don't know where it is, so I think I want to get a new one. I don't know which yet though. Any recommendations?
  • A baby monitor. We didn't need one with Joseph as our house was a bungalow at the time and could hear everything anyway, but now we're in a house we're thinking of re-buying something similar to the one we bought for Ruari's parents' house which was the Motorola MBP36. It has now been discontinued but we've been really happy with so whatever the next best thing is will probably be what we end up with.
  • Black out blinds. We were really happy with the blind we used last time around from Easyblinds; they just stuck onto the window frame with velcro strips. As this baby will be going into a different room, we had to get a new blind. The window is quite a lot bigger so we weren't sure we'd find a blind as easily, but luckily Easyblinds had released some new sizes so we're going to trim the XXL down a bit. Hopefully it'll work just as well as before, though an issue we're having at the mo is that we think that for the beginning stage baby will sleep in with us and there ain't no blind big enough for the amount of light we have in our bedroom so we don't know if that means we'll struggle to get him to go to sleep. We've bought the blind for the downstairs bedroom (a.k.a. my nest, which isn't looking pretty or cosy at all at the mo), where it will probably take its naps and perhaps I'll sleep with him there at night... but then his cot will be upstairs and we've only got a single bed in there, so, gahh! I don't knowwww!! [As you may be able to tell, sleeping arrangements are my biggest headache currently.]

 For Joseph:

  • A new bed. As baby is going to have Joseph's cot bed, I've ordered the Darlington single bed from Mothercare, which was only £70. Along with a mattress, duvet and pillow (mattresses are so pricey). I now just need to find some inoffensive (and ideally inexpensive) bedding but as he's in a single bed now this should be much easier to find. I'd have loved to get this beautiful canopy bed for Joseph, but firstly, it's £230 pounds, secondly it has bad reviews, ok one, the main complaint being that it's just a bunch of timber beams and doesn't come with instructions, plus it doesn't have support slats (i.e. the mattress just goes on the floor) and, thirdly, I had horrible vision of finding him or his brother hanging from it somehow. But all that aside, it's so nice though!!! (And not too late for me to return the boring bed Darlington, so I may still get it!) 
  • A Buggyboard. I've ordered the Buggyboard Maxi as it's compatible with Joseph's old pushchair that we're digging out from the depths. Joseph's at the age now (three in April) where we go out a lot without the buggy as he walks more, but he does get lazy and wants to be carried sometimes. I think the Buggyboard will be fun for him, and if he gets super tired then he could always go in the buggy and I could carry the baby in one of my slings - either my Tula or one of my Solly Baby wraps.

For me:

  • Nipple cream. Give me all the nipple cream. Namely Lansinoh HPA... Amazon was the cheapest I found. I found breastfeeding so hard last time around but I'm still determined to give it another go.
  • Nipple shields. I'm not going to worry about nipple confusion and just buy the best ones out there. I don't know what the best ones out there are yet, but if I find out I'll let you know.
  • Maternity pads. I remember the weird period-like blood that lasted a few days after birth. And my friends who had cesarians said they experienced it too, so is a bit of a must-have.
  • Breast pads. Because, y'know, leaky boobs. 

Aside from all that, I think we're all set as baby will just wear hand-me-down clothes and play with Joseph's old newborn toys. If I find the bouncy chair then perhaps I'll re-use it, but I don't remember Joseph being a particular fan of it, and I'm pretty sure my rabbit gnawed a hole in it at one point!

Have I missed anything? x



  1. Hmmmmmm anecdotally, probably a bottle of gin? To 'wet' the baby's head and knock yourself out too! L x

    1. That's a good shout, Lucy! I've never been much of a drinker, but I think having two kids oughtta change that! Hope you're well! xx


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