Tuesday, 11 April 2017

37 weeks pregnant: Life lately

I've lost my marbles! I've lost track of which week I'm writing about - so I'm just going to bang on about what's been going on and what we've been up to lately - nothing to do with pregnancy really as I don't have much to report aside from having been signed off by the consultant - hurrah! I turn 38 weeks pregnant tomorrow, I've got my midwife in the morning, and feel hyper aware that I am entering the drop zone!!! And the house isn't ready!

Swimming, lunch & park fun in Tenderden

I joined the boys for a swim and we had a hoot. We then went to Prezzo for lunch but Joseph seemed to be a bit tired and silly after swimming so he didn't eat much, but found energy at the park afterwards. It was such a nice day - all three of us + bump - and the sun was shining.


A week after our fun in the park, we went to Legoland. I didn't realise at the time of booking that it was half-bloody-term, and the dates weren't changeable, so I was pretty annoyed with myself as, obviously, we're not restricted by term times due to Joseph's age. I'd have been more upset if I'd paid full price - as Joseph isn't three, he didn't need a ticket and I had collected coupons from The Times newspapers to get two adult tickets for £10 + £1.50 booking fee. I booked a local guest house for the night before for £60 and bought us sandwiches and snacks from Tesco in the morning so we didn't spend much in the park itself aside from essentials like ice creams and coffees.... oh and a pirate hat, sword and shield for Joseph! So all in all it wasn't too expensive, and I think it'll be a day that Joseph will remember. He told me that he'd told his nursery pals about Legoland, and he's freakily aware of the Lego logo on things now. As am I. Who knew they did so many collabs.

The day itself was lovely - the sun was shining again - and it felt really special to be spending time as a family of three. Despite the carpark being rammed by 10am, the park itself must be huge because once we got past the entrance area it wasn't crowded at all. Joseph was keen to go to the Star Wars exhibit though he got scared almost immediately and wanted to get out.... then go back in again. He then had a little play in a play park with Ruari before going on our first ride. I actually found the ride a bit fast - I usually love rides - and was slightly concerned it could induce labour! After gathering ourselves (Joseph seemed a bit stunned too), we wandered around a bit more and Joseph went sifting for gold whilst I had a sit down and ate my sandwich. (Writing this has made me realise just how much Joseph played with Ruari whilst I sat down in various areas!) We actually only made it onto three rides (the submarine being the best), but the day went so quickly and it was 5pm (closing time) before we knew it. We had dinner at Cobham services as there was traffic on the M25, plus it was tea time. We got Joseph ready for bed there, expecting him to go to sleep, but he stayed awake the whole way home and I think it was gone 9pm by the time he crashed out.

Easter egg hunt

Joseph was supposed to go to nursery on the Friday, but two of his pals were visiting Kent for a couple of days on their Easter breaks so we went to see them in the afternoon after a slow morning together and a 'magic bath' (I chopped an Intergalactic Lush bath bomb in half and shared it with him.... that is true love!) Ruari's mum did an Easter Egg hunt for them all, and Joseph ate his body weight in sweets, cake and chocolate as I didn't realise the kids had ALL THE SNACKS in a little den they had made! I'll add some photos from the day as I took a few on my DSLR but haven't got round to editing them. On the 'magic bath' note; I'm planning to point Lush out to Joseph when we're in town next time so that he can start asking Ruari to go in there when they go to town together (= bath bombs for me) mwahaha!

Preparing myself, resting and nesting

The past couple of weeks have gone so quickly. Last week I spent the majority of my 'me time' getting my hair sorted out whilst I still had the chance, however it threw me way off my blogging course. I was happy to keep my roots and get the blonde bits mega whitened and toned to grey, but the stylist wanted the transition from root to grey to be a little more subtle so she hand-brushed some bleach on the dark part of my hair. After four hours in the salon, the colour hadn't lifted enough and the stylist wasn't happy (nor was I to be honest) so she asked me to come back in the next day for a re-do. Luckily Ruari's mum was able to keep Joseph overnight and I returned in the morning thinking it'd be a couple of hours, max, but I ended up spending six more hours there! The dark part lifted further, but none of my hair took the bleach enough to lift to a white enough base to take they grey toner - and now after subsequent washes - it's just blonde. I'm glad to have had it done though as I now know for sure that grey just ain't ever going to happen for me until nature takes its course so I can put that dream to bed!

I also bought a new pair of specs as I suspected my brown specs would clash with my hair colour and it turned out to be good timing as a couple of days after I'd ordered them, Joseph trod on and broke my current pair... it was my fault for leaving them on the bathroom floor whilst I had a shower though.

I spent the hottest day of the year so far (Sunday) cleaning and doing laundry. Yesterday I bought some more bits and bobs for Joseph and the baby (a Buzz Lightyear onesie is essential to match Joseph's jammies), muslins and a couple of Little Bird body suits that were in the sale. Today, Joseph's been with his Granny whilst I have been sorting through the spare room downstairs. I've cleared it all out and cleaned it - all ready for baby to either sleep in there with me or just nap there during the day time (please be a napper!!)

Oh! Joseph now sleeps in a proper single bed; we had to take his book shelves down to fit it in the space where his cot bed used to be, but I'll take some pics and add them on here once we've got it all nice again. His old cot bed is now in our room - and I ended up buying a Sleepyhead pod after hearing so much good stuff about it. We have a travel cot as well which I'm going to set up in the room downstairs so if he does end up sleeping in there I'll put him in the Sleepyhead in the travel cot. The trouble with living in a converted bungalow is that we have two upstairs bedrooms and one downstairs one (and still only one bathroom/loo which is downstairs) so it's a bit of a logistical nightmare. Where we'll end up actually sleeping, I don't know.

So that's about it really. I'm not sure when I'll get to blog again seeing as it's bank holiday, thus no nursery, plus Ruari doesn't have his usual day off this week as they're a man down at his work but I will do my best to keep this regular as I seem to get really frustrated when I don't get around to posting.

Hope you're all well; anyone else entering the drop zone this week?!

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