Wednesday, 26 April 2017

38 & 39 weeks pregnant: Joseph's birthday, a false alarm and a little TMI

I am currently sitting in my PJs, watching Spring Watch in Japan - the cherry blossom edition - snaffling the last of Joseph's Easter chocolates! I feel kinda bad for not giving him any of the Easter Eggs he was given, but he turns into the actual devil when he has chocolate and there is never a good time of day to deal with it.

As I suspected, the last couple of weeks have been slightly manic with Easter, Joseph's 3rd birthday preparations and baby prep, but here's some of what's been happ'nin' lately. 

38 week check

My last midwife appointment, the day I turned 38 weeks, was delayed by an hour, and Joseph waited so patiently with me. He started losing his mind from tiredness toward the end of the wait- and it was coming up to lunch time - but he fell asleep 5 minutes before my midwife called me in, leaning against my arm. I carefully transferred him onto a cushion in her office whilst I had my check up and I couldn't believe he stayed asleep; it was so sweet. My appointment was super straightforward; everything was a-ok and my next appointment is booked for the Friday after my due date. Eep!

We have decking!

Giving it a whirl, the day before the deck was completed.

We had decking built in our garden outside our bi-folds and, along with the shift in weather to spring, it is a life-changer. No longer is the back of our house surrounded by sharp edges and rubble, and instead we have a lovely deck for Joseph to tootle around on. The day it was finished, Joseph had a friend over and we spent the entire afternoon outside. It's been like having an extra room, especially since Joseph's birthday as he got a couple of garden toys which have been keeping him very busy on sunny days. I'm so glad we got it done in time for baby's arrival. I'm hoping for bright days outside where baby and I are sitting on the bench and Joseph is happy playing. We just need to sort out some sort of shade either in the form of awnings or a parasol... and perhaps some furniture. 

Joseph's birthday

I felt bad for not throwing Joseph a big party and inviting his friends over, but with his birthday being so close to my due date I didn't want to stress myself out... Not to mention he doesn't have a close circle of friends yet, partly due to the absolute ball-ache that is his nursery set-up, which constantly plays on my mind / is a constant source of guilt. It also turns out that he's adopted mine and Ruari's introvert tendencies and doesn't like being the centre of attention. So much so that when the handful of us that did gather for his birthday sung Happy Birthday to him, we found him hidden behind our kitchen island and wouldn't come out to blow out his candles until they were almost stumps and the wax had covered the cake!

He had a great day though; just the three of us in the morning until Grandma, Granny, Grandad, Ruari's cousin Paul and his partner Martina came over (they were over visiting from Ireland) and we went to the pub for lunch, followed by aforementioned cake and tea. It was a low-key affair, but he was so happy, and Ruari took him to the park before we had dinner.

Gift-wise, Ruari and I only bought him an Optimus Prime RescueBot, a Spiderman T-shirt and a Busy Book (I love Busy Books and they're always cheaper in supermarkets than online, in my experience). Granny & Grandad bought him an outdoor bench that doubles up as a sand and water pit with a few tools and toys to play with in it, my dad got him a little plastic wendy-house kinda thing, and my mum got him some Star Wars paraphernalia and a couple more RescueBots. He also got a My First Scalectrix from his uncle and auntie, and has something on the way from my brother. He got an awesome Emma Bridgewater dinosaur dining set and personalised colouring pencils and a game. We made sure - as much as we could - that he wasn't tooooo too spoilt, and everything was age appropriate, and as a result he's loved and played with and enjoyed everything he's been given - even the clothes and dining set. He was so lovely in the few days following his birthday, as he had so much to keep him busy, that we began to think that he was a changed child and the Terrible Twos were behind us, but he was back to his old ways yesterday where every sentence began with 'I want...' and I wanted to combust. Today he was back to being lovely, so I guess as always there'll be ups and downs and he is not a magically changed boy now he's three! Ha!

False alarm

On Friday morning, I woke up with cramping and Braxton Hicks (after having a dream that I'd given birth, weirdly) and I seriously thought Friday was going to be the day. I started trying to practice my surge and relaxation breathing and trying not to curl myself up into a ball. Ruari took Joseph to nursery and I stayed at home, convinced that if it carried on all day then he'd be out that night; but around 30 minutes after Ruari left the house, I couldn't have felt less like anything was happening. It all just stopped. I might add, after a bowel movement. I often get sharp cramping pains when I need to use the loo, but this was not that. So I'm a little perplexed as it's not like it was a dodgy tummy kinda movement, so all I can put it down to is a false alarm. 

Baby preparation

Everything is laundered (and laundered again, thanks to a little visitor (a mouse) we had which left some droppings on our spare bed). Today I finally applied some Lansinoh nipple cream after my shower to start preparing my boobs as I've heard it can be helpful to start applying it before baby's arrival, which I didn't do last time around. I haven't done any perineal massage - I just can't bring myself to, and Ruari has had nothing to do with with that area in MONTHS (my choice rather than his), so I'm not about to ask him for help. I just about managed to de-fuzz slightly, but it's not looking great down there! I've been doing some breathing exercises and bouncing on my birth ball... but mostly I've been carrying on as usual - having to take it easy here 'n' there - and just trying to enjoy the relative calm, peace and Joseph-cuddles. 

I wonder if this will be my last update, or whether I'll make it to 40 weeks and far enough past it that I actually get around to blogging about it. Who knowwwwwsss!!

[edit: I had some tech issues around posting this blog post and I can confirm that I have made it to 40 weeks with no sign of baby!]

Links to some of Joseph's presents, FYI...

Play house from B&Q: £50
Sand & Water table by Plum: £89.99 (this has gone up by £10 since we ordered!)

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