Monday, 3 April 2017

Review: Green Toys Ferry Boat

Joseph loves bath toys. The more toys the better. He also loves having a bath with me - in fact sometimes the only way I can get him to have a bath, if it's been a couple of days and he's a bit stinky - is to tell him that I'll get in with him. Not gonna lie; with a 36 week old baby bump in tow, it's getting pretty crowded in the tub and I'm always at the tap end. I suppose the tap end has its pros as I can keep my end of the bath a bit hotter than Joseph end, using my body as a dam! Ha!

Our latest bath time addition is the ferry boat by Green Toys which we were kindly sent to review by Bigjigs toys. Joseph's been playing with it every bath time for the last week now and it has become a staple, sometimes coming up to bed afterwards too, which means it's pretty special in Joseph's books. 

The boat itself feels sturdy and well made - it comes with two cars and a ramp that can be pulled down. It feels lighter than other plastic toys; perhaps because it's obviously a boat that's designed to float, but perhaps because all Green Toys are made from recycled milk bottles rather than whatever else it is that other plastic toys are made from. It does make me wonder why all plastic toys can't be made from recycled plastics if it's possible. (Same with flushable wet wipes; why aren't they all flushable, and presumable biodegradable, if they can be made to be?)

The Ferry Boat is suitable for children aged 3+ but, even though Joseph isn't quite three, I'm more than comfortable for him to be playing with it and would have been happy for him to have it at the younger end of two as well.

Joseph loves that it floats and can carry not only the two cars it came with, but lots of his other toys too. He enjoys making it sink, too!

The packaging is cardboard and recyclable, with a couple of factoids on the side.... Every pound of plastic used to make Green Toys saves the same amount of energy as it takes to run a laptop for a month, or a TV for 3 weeks.

Overall, Joseph really enjoys playing with the ferry boat - he loves the novelty of the fact it floats and he also likes the two cars it came with. I also think he'll enjoy it for a while to come. 

It is available to buy from the Bigjigs website for £21.99 which, honestly, I think is a bit expensive, but I have come to expect to pay a little more for anything eco, frustratingly.

Do you own any toys by Green Toys? Would you consider buying the Ferry Boat for your little one?

This was not a sponsored post, but we were kindly sent the Green Toys Ferry Boat to review as part of the Big Jigs Toys Play Patrol. Thank you to Big Jigs and Green Toys!

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