Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Two months of Rowan

A.K.A. Robocop, Ro-bo Baggins, Ro-bo.

Rowan turns two months old today and memories are already starting to fade; things that I told myself I'd remember - too stubborn / stupid to write down in one of my 6,921 notebooks. For example, I can't quite remember which book I read to Joseph the night I went into labour. I think I know, but I'm not sure and it's annoying me. Urgh.

What I do know is... 
  • His first proper, not-just-wind, smile was during his six week health visitor check just as she'd asked whether he was smiling yet and I'd said 'no'. Ruari said he thought he'd seen one the day before but wasn't sure. But we're gonna go with his six-week birthday as the official date he smiled. 
  • Rowan will drink from a bottle, but prefers boob. My sister-in-law was super keen for us to make sure Rowan took a bottle as she had so much trouble because her little girl wouldn't take one, meaning she couldn't go out and leave her alone to do stuff. So I expressed some milk one morning and Ruari fed it to him. He looked so confused and although it took a while he eventually took 4oz. We gave it to him when he wasn't really due a feed as we didn't want him to be ravenous then get stressed out and worked up over a brand new experience and it seemed to pay off. He's now had a few bottles of expressed milk, but I'm yet to leave him for any amount of time that he'd need feeding by anyone else. I have a small freezer stash now though so I'm just waiting to be asked out! Ha! 
  • His favourite song is 'incy wincy spider'. To be fair, I've not sung many other songs to him, but when I do sing that one (and do the actions) it almost always earns a smile. Today it didn't because he'd had his jabs and was in an awful mood all day. Poor baby. 
  • I'm still convinced he's a more chill baby than Joseph was, and that it's not just a case of me finding it easier / being more relaxed second time around. 
  • He is now 12lb 1. I am still a stone heavier than my pre-preg weight. Meh. 
  • The last few nights he has slept for a six hour stretch, then will sleep for a few more after a feed. He has a big nap in the morning too but this often gets disrupted because, y'know, life. His favoured sleeping position is on his front... because he's a rebel. But I think it helps with his wind.
  • We've started doing a bath and bed time routine with him; and his bed time seems to naturally be around 8pm-ish. Though is sometimes later/earlier. We're definitely not as strict with it as we were with Joseph, but that's partly because he's breastfed from source, rather than from expressed milk as Joseph was so it's a bit harder to enforce, I think. 
  • Rowan's visited four beaches; Folkestone, Sandgate, Margate and Whitstable (nowhere exotic; and I'm not sure Folkestone and Sandgate really count as two different beaches!), has been to the zoo (Wingham Wildlife park) three times and has met the pigs at Badger's Hill. 
  • We've booked two holidays; one to Devon in September and one to Spain in October. Both with friends... who may not want to be friends with us anymore depending on how he behaves!
  • He's had his first set of jabs. They were horrible. He looked at me in the eye whilst squealing as if to say 'how could you do this to me, mum!'
  • He enjoys a bath now and seems to kick back and relax. I love it when his hands fall back into the water from his bath chair and his fists unclench.
  • Joseph still absolutely adores his brother; it is still just so heartwarming!

Happy two months, little one! x

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