Saturday, 29 July 2017

Three months of Rowan

A.K.A. Ro-bo. (That seems to be the nickname we've settled on!)
The fourth trimester has come to an end and it was definitely the best. My heart feels like it will burst when I think about my two boys, and my mind seems to have erased any struggle with Rowan aside from with breastfeeding - mainly because he's been no struggle at all. He's just such a good boy and I feel so lucky. I've struggled more on the Joseph front, but mostly due to feelings of not being enough for him. Whereas with Rowan, he doesn't yet want for much apart from milk, sleep, a bit of social time and a clean bum.

I don't think I'll ever get over how great it is to have a baby that naps without needing to be held and I probably mentioned it in last month's post. I take his big morning nap for granted a bit now as it's my one-to-one time with Joseph and on days I don't have Joseph, it's a chance to tidy, clean and get ready. Or faff on the internet. The poor boy really needs a decent afternoon nap, but when I have Joseph I try to get us out of the house and Rowan isn't so great at napping when we're out. He cat naps but I know he's not getting the deep sleep he needs and can sometimes get a bit ratty. It is quite hard to balance the needs of both boys in a day, but it helps that Joseph is really loving toward Rowan still and is patient 99% of the time. Rowan's night-time sleeping still isn't great, but I know it's not as bad as it could be; we had a few six-hour stints and I think even an eight-hour one once, but we're now back to four hour intervals, generally speaking. I actually think his sleeping regressed after he caught his first cold and was waking up hourly/was just awake all the time, and it hasn't gone back to being as good as it was getting.

His bath and bed time routine is firmly in place now and I aim to give him his bed time feed at 7pm, once he's had his bath - which is sometimes with Joseph. Ruari usually puts Joseph to bed whilst I see to Rowan, but if Rowan goes to sleep quickly, or if Joseph is still sleep-fighting once Rowan is down, then I'll put Joseph to bed too which is a bit of a treat. I've been waking him up for a feed when I go to bed, so at around 11pm, just so that I get a solid block of sleep without worrying he'll wake up. But those four hours seem to go so quickly and that night time feed is tough. Luckily he's pretty efficient and we're only up for 30 minutes. He still sleeps on his front and is usually woken up by his nappy having leaked with pee as I guess they're not designed for front-sleeping. I think this could probably be helped by going up a nappy size. He's in size 3 at the mo.
Breastfeeding doesn't hurt at all now, though I'm pretty sure I narrowly escaped an encounter with thrush when I tried using reusable breast pads. (Stabby sensations in the breast and tender nips are not welcome here).

He's not been weighed in a while because he's always napping when HV clinics are running, but he is a beast so I'm not worried.

He's just had his second round of jabs and, like last time, he has been quite affected by them; constipated and more unsettled than usual. I'm hoping this will pass shortly.

We've put Joseph's old Hungry Caterpillar buggy toy on his bouncy chair and he seems so engaged with it. He really stares at all of the colours and seems to shout at it and tries to reach for it with his feet and tries to bat the dangly apple with his hands. I wonder if it's his nemesis!
We've been doing more tummy time with him lately which Joseph absolutely loves doing with him, or getting right up in his face opposite him whilst Rowan is doing it. He actually rolled over from his front to back the day he turned three months old, but it was probably a fluke - like the time Joseph sat up when he was four months old. Total fluke.

I've been getting as much wear as possible out of the watermelon long-sleeved vest that a friend bought for him as it's for 0-3 months and I've not been able to get hold of the next size. I'm pretty sure people think 'ugly girl' when they see him wearing it!

Rowan gives the biggest smiles when he sees me, Ruari or Joseph and he seems so close to laughing. He also stares so intently when any of us are eating and sometimes dribbles. He often starts barking at us when we're eating too. I wasn't sure if I was just imagining it but Ruari had noticed it too. He's not going to be touching food for another few months yet, though I'm a little worried that Joseph is going to try to share some of his food to keep him schtum!

He's been doing better in the car in the last couple of weeks; not sure if that's down to us trying to ensure there's nothing that can be bothering him, i.e. fed, winded, clean etc, or whether he's happier being in the front seat. Or both. We're going to try putting him in the back again soon because I hate sitting in the back seat when Ruari's driving!
Happy three months, my sweet Rowan x

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