Thursday, 27 July 2017

Toddler days out: Chessington World of Adventures

We went to Legoland back in April, just a few weeks before Rowan arrived, and I've been dying to recreate the magical day we had there, although the logistics are giving me a headache!
Many days out have become much more expensive now that Joseph has turned three; and with the summer holidays having arrived, there is no day of the week that is safe from the super-fast bigger-kids who are often just millimetres away from knocking Joseph over.... not to mention the queues! Now that Rowan is here, Ruari and I would have to take it in turns looking after him and riding on something with Joseph but the big kid in me wants to ride on everything with him; see his face and hold his hand when he gets scared!

One place I have been thinking of going to is Chessington World of Adventures. I have fond memories of my mum taking me there a number of times as a child as it was the closest theme park to our home, although I was quite a bit older than Joseph is now. I have looked into what there is available to do there for pre-schoolers, especially as Joseph is a shortie, and there is loads! If it's anything like Legoland, then the height-appropriate rides will be spread out around the park and there will be so many things to see on the way round that we'd probably not even get round to going on them all.

There are 17 rides and areas for kids who are 0.9 metres and below to explore, one being the Gruffalo River Ride where 'the world of the Gruffalo will magically unfold in front of your eyes with exciting twists and turns along the way'; which to me just sounds awesome and would be the one that Joseph will 100% want to go on more than once. (Joseph still talks about the submarine ride at Legoland whenever he finds his submarine toy buried amongst his other toys, bless him!)
What's also great about Chessington is that Organix 'Goodies' are available to buy at kiosks there in case your little explorer needs a pick-me-up. Joseph loves Goodies and we always have a little stash of their fruity bars and cinnamon popcorn in our snack cupboard as they're junk-free, organic and not as unhealthy as a chocolate bar or packet of crisps, although Joseph has been insisting on 'sharing' more of our Hula Hoops lately.

To help solve the ticket-price issue, you can get an adult or child ticket for free (worth up to £49) when you pay for one full priced ticket on the door (£45 for a child and £49 for an adult) so long as you bring along one of the coupons that can be found on special Gruffalo multi-packs of Organix Goodies, pictured below.
For a family of three (and a baby) like ours, this works out cheaper than buying three £28 earlybird tickets online in advance. The only tickets I can see that could be cheaper for us are the adult and pre-schooler tickets for under-5s, but these can only be used on selected dates and there are only two dates left in July (a bit too last-minute even for us) and none throughout the month of August. Under 3 year olds go in for free, btw.
Whilst 'Goodies' can't help the fact that Chessington is likely to be super-busy if you're visiting this summer, at least you know you can save some money on your tickets and keep your little ones' appetites at bay 'til dinnertime with their snacks along the way. And don't forget to say hello to the Gruffalo! I'm really hoping we'll get to see him there very soon!

Useful links to help you plan your day out:

P.S. Head over to my Instagram where I'm giving away a £10 bundle of Goodies snacks and a Gruffalo soft toy on the 29th of July :-) Good luck!

This post has been written in conjunction with Organix Goodies but is not a sponsored post... unless you count snack bars as sponsorship. I genuinely love Goodies and wish they made snacks for adults. I also am desperate to go back to Chessington but Rowan hates being in the car, so that's another issue!

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